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 A traditional sport of Tripura – a north-eastern state of India

Dr Pintu Modak, PhD
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani (Raj.) India.

Gulla-Chutt is a famous indigenous game of Tripura, the northeastern state of India.  The number of participating in the game varies in the various places the game is played. There are no hard and fast rules of the game. The game consists of two groups (A) in-group and (B) out-group. Number of players in each group can be around 10-12. Players from the in group nominate one among them as the King.

Equipments: Two circles A and B are marked with a diameter of 8 to 10 feet each. The circles are called Gulla (House). And distance between the two circles is not specified, depends on availability of space and number of participants. However, the distance can be between 60m and 100m if there are 10 to 12 participants in each team. The rectangular playing area is also drawn from house A to house B.

To start the game, the in group positions themselves within the circle house A.  The players of the out group spill over the entire area (outside the circles) to foil the players of in group in their attempts to reach the house B. The in group players will try to reach the house B without being touched by any member of the out group. There are various individual skills and team tactics needed to play and win.  No players of both groups must leave the playing area while playing.

The aim of the game is the in group players from house A will reach the house B without being touched by the out group players. But the obstacle comes in the form of players from the out group who spread over the entire area in an attempt to stop the in group from making it to the house B.  As the game begins the players of the in group will run one by one in different directions, chanting word of their choice.

                                                              Playing Area

                                                 Out Group

Once players leave the ‘house A’ cannot reenter the ‘house A’. The players of the in group attempt to make way for the king's safe passage to the house B.

The in group players can make a human chain maintaining the contact with the circle from where they can touch out the out group players, who are then considered dead.

Once players are away from the house A and touched by a player of out group is considered to be dead. A player from either group once declared dead can no longer participate in the game.

If a player reaches to the house B without touched by the out group can earn one point each. Thus, the king's defenders keep his foes at bay, while the king himself is involved in finding a way, whereby he can outwit his enemies and reach the house B safely.

The moment the king ventures out of his room, all the out players rush to touch him, and if any one of them succeeds, the king is declared dead. Once the King is dead, the in group has lost.  

To make the game more competitive, the time can be set for the in group players to leave the house within the time set. The in group players may be instructed that they must leave the house within 5 minutes.

The two groups then interchange their roles.


        The King reaches the house B without being touched by any players of the out group is declared winner.
        Similarly, if the king is dead then number of players reach the house B will be considered the winner.
        Players reach safely to the house B will earn one point each.
        If there is a tie then number of players reach to the house B is considered to declare the winner.


        Improves Agility
        Improves Speed
        Improves coordination
        Improves core strength
        Improves dynamic balance through stops and changes of direction
        Reduces Stress
        Improves Socialization
        Improves Self – esteem
        Enhances the quality of life and contribute positively to the mental health
         Improves FUN… because the healthy feelings of enjoyment, competitiveness and physical challenge are inherent in such type of games.
        Everyone can participate in the game because of easy rules.

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