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Asian Traditional Sports & Games Association(ATSGA) was established in order to make a network of working groups of traditional sports & games in the boundry of Asian region. Its aim is to encourage and support the development and the practices of traditional sports and games as well as the recognition of the values of the traditional sports and games in the Asian region. It is also to support meetings or conferences of various traditional sports-related individuals or associations. It is expected that this kind of co-effort in finding out the values of traditional sports & games and upgrading human sports heritage as higher status will bring about traditional sports' educational, academic, applied usages for the future generation. Traditional sports & games excavates historical background of modern sports, and furthermore they have mirror effect on deviant images of modern sports. In some way, they can play a positive role in anticipating the future direction of sports. The boundry of Asia is huge. Thus, Asia includes North-East Asia of China, Korea, Japan, far-eastern Russia, South-East Asia of Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, South West Asia of India, Pakistan, Sri-Lnka, Central Asia of Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mid-East Asia of Iran, Saudi-Arabia, Iraq, and small Islands of Asian region. Additionally, ATSGA's mission is to do systematic research & documentation work in relation with traditional sports & games all over Asian region.

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